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Shizuoka Campus

A warm educational environment in a stunning natural setting.
A new world of experience is surely waiting for you.

Surrounded by greenery, the Shizuoka Campus is situated in an ideal location overlooking Shizuoka City and Suruga Bay─the perfect place for four fulfilling years of personal development.


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The faculty is divided into four departments offering a journey to new discoveries in society, language and culture, and deep insights into our modern age and rapidly changing modern society.

Faculty of Education

The faculty hosts four programs that develop not only the teachers of tomorrow, but individuals with the specialist knowledge needed to make an impact on society.

Faculty of Science

The faculty is divided into five departments committed to unraveling the mysteries of the natural world. You will acquire extensive knowledge of natural phenomena and the environment, and the expertise to contribute to the advancement of humanity and society.

Faculty of Agriculture

With its advantageous natural setting and extensive research activities at the cutting edge of agriculture, forestry and fisheries science, the faculty is a major cultivator of graduates who are influential in the fields of food, chemicals, biotechnology, the environment, and in government and regulatory agencies.

Research Institute

Research Institute of Green Science and Technology
(Shizuoka Campus)

RIGST is an institute recently established in order to promote green innovation for waste management, generation and utilization of renewable energy and creation of new biotechnology through fundamental and applied research.

Campus images

Building A, Student Affairs Office

Building L

University Library

University Hall

Student co-operative

Research Building

Health Care Center

Campus Museum


Tennis courts

Athletic field

Playing field


Transportation Guide


836 Ohya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture


<From North Exit of JR Shizuoka Sta.>
From Bus Stop 8B at JR Shizuoka Station's North Exit, take the Miwa Oya Line (route 35) to "Shizuoka University"
or routes 34, 36 bound for "Higashi Ohya"(via Shizuoka Univ.) or routes 37, 38 bound for "Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka"(via Shizuoka Univ.). Get off at Shizuokadaigaku or Shizudaikatayama Bus Stop.
(approx. 25 min., 5-7 departures/hour)

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