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Harassment Counseling

Why is harassment a problem?

Harassment is a serious violation of human rights.
Even if the perpetrator of harassment acts without conscious awareness, the victim's dignity is injured, his or her privacy is violated, and the result can be long-term physical and psychological damage. This may prevent the victim from attending classes, or even force them to withdraw from school or from their job. Harassment must not be tolerated by the university's students, instructors or staff. Let's each make a conscious effort to create a healthy, harassment-free university environment.

What is harassment?

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment by a student, instructor or staff member includes unwelcome words or actions of a sexual nature directed toward another student, instructor or staff member; actions that cause the recipient discomfort; or sexual advances involving offers of inducement toward, or threats of reprisal against, the recipient.

Academic harassment

Academic harassment includes an instructor's abuse of his or her privileged position in a place of education or research, involving inappropriate statements or actions or discriminatory behavior toward a student in an academic, research or other university environment.

Power harassment

Power harassment is the abuse of one's professional position or prerogatives, or a breach thereof, by an instructor or other university staff member, involving inappropriate statements or actions or discriminatory behavior toward another instructor or staff member

Other types of harassment

Other types of harassment include inappropriate statements or actions or discriminatory behavior by instructors, staff members or students relating to the personal attributes of another instructor, staff member, or student, imposing psychological distress on the recipient.

If you encounter harassment

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