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Campus Visits

A visit to the campus of the university you are considering attending is very helpful in making a decision regarding your future. A campus visit before the entrance examination will also help you relax for the examination itself.
Shizuoka University offers a range of options for those wishing to visit the campus. Please choose the one that suits you best.

Open campus (Faculty Orientation Meetings)

Three times each year, in spring, summer, and fall, Shizuoka University holds a scheduled, one-day Open Campus to promote understanding of its education and research, and to assist prospective students in making the right educational choices. The Open Campus includes orientations to the faculties and departments, sample classes, tours of the university facilities, individual counseling, and more.

Campus visits

Group tours for educators of the campus facilities may be arranged upon application from the head of the visiting institution.
Please submit a Campus Tour Application [Japanese Only] by May 31 for the preceding year

Shizuoka University Admissions Team
TEL : 054-238-4464 or 4465 / FAX : 054-237-2024

Open-door campus

Individuals may freely visit the campus at any time. (Please do not enter the buildings.)
A campus map is available from the Access page.

Entrance examination materials

Pamphlets and other materials dealing with entrance examinations are available at the Entrance Examination Materials Section (4F, Common Education Building A).

Shizuoka University Admissions Team
TEL : 054-238-4464 or 4465

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