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Partnership with High Schools

Shizuoka University offers guest lectures at high schools, and provides on-campus public lectures attended by high school students to promote understanding of the nature of university education, stimulate interest in pursuing such education, and help students determine for themselves how to make the most of their future.

Guest Lectures

According to an agreement between the university and the Shizuoka Prefecture Education Committee, the university has been offering guest lectures at prefectural public high schools since 2002.
Lectures consist of a single session of one to two hours.
Following is a summary of 2012 academic year activities for prefectural public high schools.

Public Lectures

If a prefectural high school expresses an interest in having students participate in public lectures, the university provides the school with a list of suitable classes. If students wish to participate in a listed class, after drawing up an agreement the high school remits a fee to the university and the students attend the class alongside university students. Public lectures are held once a week (15 times per semester).

Summary of Public Lectures for High School Students

Following is a summary of public lectures for the 2010 academic year.

Participating faculty Participating high school Subject
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Shizuoka Higashi Prefectural High School Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Survey of Western History II
Introduction to Economics and Government II
Faculty of Education Portuguese language and Brazilian Culture
Introduction to Linguistics
Modern Chemistry I
Environment and Human

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