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Gymnasium Facilities

Shizuoka University offers the use of the following athletic and public-welfare facilities and lecture rooms in the Common Educational Buildings for the use of students and faculty and members of the public for various functions.
When using the university's facilities, strict adherence to the rules and policies for use is requested.
External visitors using the facilities must pay a usage and utilities fee.
Priority will be given to lecture and circle activities.
External visitors may make reservations beginning from the 26th of the month prior to use.
Information regarding usage fees is listed in this PDF(10KB)

Shizuoka Area

* Get access information and view campus maphere.

GymnasiumPlaying field (Shizuoka Campus)

Indoor Facilities

Name Details Remarks
Gymnasium First Floor
Gymnasium 319㎡
Table Tennis Hall 319㎡
Kendo Hall 262㎡
Judo Hall 376㎡

Second Floor*
Basketball Courts 2
Volleyball Courts 2
Badminton Courts 8
2F court totals for single
Dance Hall 120㎡  

Outdoor Facilities

Name Details Remarks
Tennis Courts
Standard Tennis 6
Soft Tennis 5
Omni Courts*
Clay Courts*
Courts 2 multipurpose
Volleyball Courts 3  
Rugby Field *
11,375㎡ Lighting available
Swimming Pool 50m x 8 lanes Certified, Japan Swimming Federation
Athletic Field 400m x 8 lanes Japan Assn. of Athletics Federations
Certified, Category 5
Baseball Field * 12,600㎡  
Japanese Archery Range 91㎡  

* The gymnasium second floor (arena) and omni court, clay court, the soccer, rugby, and baseball fields are in frequent use for instruction and club use and may not be available.

* To apply for use of the facilities or to confirm availability, please contact:

Shizuoka Area
Student Affairs Section,Extracurricular Activities Unit, Shizuoka University
TEL : 054-238-4214
Hours of operation : weekdays from 8:30~12:30, 13:30~17:15

Hamamatsu Area

* Get access information and view campus map here.

Outdoor Facilities

Facility Details Remarks
Seiryo Field 8,695㎡ Access and mapPDF

*To apply for use of the facilities or to confirm availability, please contact:

Hamamatsu Area
Hamamatsu Student Support Section, Shizuoka University
TEL : 053-478-1011
Hours of operation : weekdays from 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:15

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