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Tokyo Office

Shizuoka University’s Tokyo Office fulfills a variety of functions, including liaison activities, public relations, job placement, entrance examination-related activities, and reunion activities for alumni and others associated with the university.
* To find extracts from “Using Shizuoka University’s Tokyo Office”, click here.PDF(6KB)[Japanese Only]

Tokyo Office staffing

(1) Hours of operation:
・Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
・10:00 – 16:00
(2) Services during hours of operation
・Users may request staff assistance
・In case of misconduct, users may be asked to leave


Room 612, Campus Innovation Center 6F
3-3-6 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023 Japan
TEL・FAX : 03-5440-9083
http://www.cictokyo.jp/index.html [Japanese Only]
Access: 1-minute walk from the Shibaura Exit of Tamachi Station (JR Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line)
* To find map, click here.PDF(26KB)[Japanese Only]

Rental space and hours of use (click blue text to check layout)

Space is available at the Tokyo Office and elsewhere.

Rental space Hours of use Rental fee (yen)
Tokyo Office 6F Room612


09:00~21:00 Free of charge
Other rental space Information Corner 2F


LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]

Liaison Corner 5F Room501A

LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]

5F Room501B
5F Room508A


LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]

5F Room508B
5F Room509A


5F Room509B
Lounge 4F

LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]


LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]


LayoutPDF[Japanese Only]

International Conference Room (capacity: 100) 1F


09:00~12:30 56、193
13:00~17:00 64、220
17:30~21:00 56、193
09:00~17:00 128、440
09:00~21:00 192、660
Multi-purpose room 1
(capacity: 50)
Multi-purpose room 4
(capacity: 50)


09:00~12:30 23、275
13:00~17:00 26、600
17:30~21:00 23、275
09:00~17:00 53、200
09:00~21:00 79、800
Multi-purpose room 2
(capacity: 60)
Multi-purpose room 3
(capacity: 60)
2F 09:00~12:30 29、260
13:00~17:00 33、440
17:30~21:00 29、260
09:00~17:00 66、880
09:00~21:00 100、320

Reservations for use

Tokyo Office

1.Making reservations

Persons wishing to rent space should enter (1) their name and status, (2) number of users, and (3) purpose for use in the Reservations Form

Renter’s name Reservations Form
Instructor, joint researcher, other academic General affairs contact at affiliated department
Student Student Life and Career Planning Support staff
Extension 4462
Graduate University Alumni Association
TEL : 054-238-5148
E-mail : dousoukai@adb.shizuoka.ac.jp

(If you were contacted in connection with a reservation, click herePDF[Japanese Only] for PDF file explaining the Tokyo Office's activates.)

2.Key to Tokyo Office

Renters who have completed the above procedures can receive a key to the space on the day of use at the 1st floor Reception Desk of the Campus Innovation Center. Personal identification is required.

Renter Required at the 1st floor Reception Desk
Instructor Personal ID or card
Student Student ID
Joint researcher, other academic, graduate Provide name and status

Information Corner, Liaison Corner


Reservations should be sent by email to the Tokyo Office (attn: Kato).
The Liaison Corner is divided into Sections A and B. When making reservations, please specify A, B, or AB (entire space), the number of users and the reason for use (meeting, etc.).

E-mail : r506001@cictokyo.jp

Reservation confirmation will be sent via return email.
If you do not receive confirmation of your reservation by the end of the following day, please call the Tokyo Office (Kato).


International Conference Room, Multipurpose Room


Renters should complete the Application for Use and email it in advance to the CIC Manager, Tokyo Institute of Technology (8F, Room 808). Information on availability is available upon request.

E-mail : tamachicic@jim.titech.ac.jp

* To download Application for Use,click herePDF[Japanese Only]

2.Payment of rental fees (advance payment)

A Rental Fee Invoice will be delivered approximately 10 days after the reservation is made. Please pay the fee to the bank account indicated.

3.Facilities Usage Authorization

Once payment is received, a Facilities Usage Authorization will be delivered by fax.

4.Key to rental space

Renters can receive a key to the space on the day of rental by presenting the Facilities Usage Authorization at the 1st floor Reception Desk of the Campus Innovation Center.

Points to note for renters

  1. Borrowing and return of keys, room cleanup etc. must take place before the deadline for exiting the space. Please observe the hours of use strictly.
  2. Furnishings and equipment must be returned to the condition prior to use.
  3. Please turn off the lights and all electrical appliances such as hot water pot before leaving the space.
  4. The Tokyo Office is a non-smoking zone.
  5. Charges will be assessed in the event of damage to facilities, furnishings and equipment, accidental or not.
  6. Overnight use of the Tokyo Office or other space in the Campus Innovation Center is prohibited.


Tokyo Office furnishings/equipment

Large desk (2), small desk (1), chairs (10), partition screen (2), teleconferencing system (1), PC (2), printer (1), copy machine (1), refrigerator (1), hot water pot (1)

Reserving furnishings/equipment

Other equipment is available and may be used at no extra charge. To reserve this equipment, please complete an Equipment Reservation Form and fax it in advance to the 1st floor Reception Desk of the Campus Innovation Center.

FAX : 03-5440-9123 (TEL : 03-5440-9020)
E-mail : info@cictokyo.jp

* To download an Equipment Reservation Form, click here.PDF[Japanese Only]

Inquiries regarding the Tokyo Office

Research Cooperation and Information Planning Team, Academic Affairs and Information Office

TEL : 054-238-4316

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