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History of Shizuoka University

Shizuoka University was inaugurated on June 1, 1949, following approval on May 31 of the same year for the university's establishment through the unification of five educational institutions: the former Shizuoka High School, Shizuoka Normal School and Shizuoka 2nd Normal School , Shizuoka Normal School for Youth and Hamamatsu College of Technology.
Subsequently, the university absorbed Shizuoka Prefectural College of Agriculture , moved to its present Shizuoka and Hamamatsu Campuses, and by undertaking the reorganization and enlargement of its faculties and other educational departments, assumed its present form. In the years to come, the university will continue to make efforts to upgrade and enrich its structure.

Western calendar Japanese calendar Event
1875 Meiji 8 Established Shizuoka Normal School
1914 Taisho 3 Established Shizuoka 2nd Normal School (Hamamatsu City)
1922 Taisho 11 Established Shizuoka High School
    Established Hamamatsu School of Technology
1926 Taisho 15 Established Shizuoka Prefectural Supplementary Agriculture School
1949 Showa 24 The five schools above unify as Shizuoka University
    Established The Faculty of Science and Humanities
    Established Faculty of Education
    Established Faculty of Engineering
    Established University Library
1951 Showa 26 Established Faculty of Agriculture
1965 Showa 40 Established Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
    Established Faculty of Science
    Established Electronics Research Institute
    Established Faculty of Science Radiochemistry Research Laboratory and name changed to Radiochemistry Research Laboratory in 2008
1970 Showa 45 Established Graduate School of Agriculture
1981 Showa 56 Established Graduate School of Education
1982 Showa 57 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences reorganized departments into four-department structure
1990 Heisei 2 Established Center for Educational Research and Teacher Development
1991 Heisei 3 Established Center for Joint Research
1995 Heisei 7 Established Faculty of Informatics
    Faculty of Engineering reorganized departments into four-department structure
1996 Heisei 8 Established Graduate School of Science and Engineering
1997 Heisei 9 Established Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Established Center for Education and Research in Lifelong Learning
1998 Heisei 10 Established Institute for Genetic Research and Biotechnology
    Faculty of Education reorganized program into four-program structure
1999 Heisei 11 Established Center for Instrumental Analysis
2000 Heisei 12 Established Graduate School of Informatics
    Established Information Processing Center
2003 Heisei 15 Established Innovation and Joint Research Center
2004 Heisei 16 To Became National University Corporation Shizuoka University
2005 Heisei 17 Established Shizuoka Law School
2006 Heisei 18 Faculty of Science reorganized departments into five-department structure
    Faculty of Agriculture reorganized departments into three-department structure
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering reorganized as Graduate School of Science and Graduate School of Engineering
    Established Graduate School of Science and Technology
    Abolished Graduate School of Electronic Science and Technology
    Abolished International Student Center abolished, and Institute for joint Reserch and Established Education International Center
2007 Heisei 19 Established Joint Reserch Facilities Takayanagi Memorial Hall
    Faculty of Education, School for the Handicapped Children was renamed Faculty of Education, School for Students with Special needs
2008 Heisei 20 Established Office for Promotion of Gender Equality
    Established Institute for joint Reserch and Education Center for Integrated Research and Education of Natural Hazards
2009 Heisei 21 Established Organization for Information Infrastructure
    Abolished Information Processing Center, and Established Institute for joint Reserch and Education Center for Information Infrastructure
2010 Heisei 22 Established Institute for joint Reserch and Education Hamamatsu Campus Center for Instrumental Analysis
    Established Institute for joint Reserch and Education Student Support Center
2011 Heisei 23 Medical Care Center was renamed Health Care Center
2012 Heisei 24 Abolished Innovation and Joint Reserch Center and Center for Education and Reserch in Lifelong Learning, and Established Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration
    Japanese name of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was renamed
2013 Heisei 25 Abolished Institute for Genetic Research and Biotechnology and Center for Instrumental Analysis, and Established Research Institute of Green Science and Technology
    Reorganized Research Institute of Electronics
    Faculty of Engineering reorganized as five-department structure
    Graduate School of Engineering reorganized as six-department structure
    Established Center for Safety and Hygiene
2014 Heisei 26 Established Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs
    Completed Innovation photonics Evolution Research Center
2015 Heisei 27 Established Academic Institute (College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Education, College of Informatics, College of Science, College of engineering, College of agriculture and College of Global-Interdisciplinary Studies ) as Organization of Reserchers
    Abolished Graduate School of Informatics, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Agriculture, and Establised Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology (Master's Course)
    Established Organization for Educational Development
    Abolished Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs, and Established Office for the Promotion of Global Educational Programs under the Organization for Educational Development
2015 Heisei 27 Shizuoka Law School decided to stop student's recruitment from 2016
2016 Heisei 28

Due to faculty reform in 2016,

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences changed enrollment capacity from 470 to 420 and introduced 'the International Japan Studies Program.
  • Faculty of Education stopped student's recruitment for Lifelong Learning Education courses (except for the Training Course for School Teachers (200 students)), General Science Education Course and Arts and Culture Course, in order to focus its courses on teacher training.
    Establised Elementary Learning Development major and Coordinated School Health (Yogo) Education major.
  • Faculty of Informatics reorganized departments into three-department structure.
  • Establised Department of Behavior Informatics (70 students), which covers study of big and rich data.
    Increased its overall enrollment capacity by 40.
  • Faculty of Science establised Creative science course (20 students) as a cross-department course, based on five-department structure.
  • Faculty of Engineering expanded enrollment capacity from 535 to 545.
  • Faculty of Agriculture reorganized into two-department structure: Department of Bioresource Sciences (110 sudents) and Department of Applied Life Sciences (70 students).
    Increased its overall enrollment capacity by 30.
  • Established School of Regional Development to challenge e regional issues and to develop human reseource for local region (5 Courses: Regional Management, Inclusive Community, Regional Environmental and Disaster Measures, Art and Art Management and Sports Promotion).
  • Established Center for Community Legal Advice and Support Services.
  • 2017 Heisei 29 Faculty of Science Radiochemistry Research Institute was renamed Faculty of Science Center for Radioscience Education and Research
        Established Hamamatsu Campus Administrative Office into three-Section structure as Hamamatsu General Affairs Section, Hamamatsu Educational Affairs Section and Hamamatsu Student Support Secttion.
    2018 Heisei 30 Established Graduate School of Medical Photonics

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