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University Management Organizational Chart

University Organization

    Management Auditing Office    
Headquarters Administration Bureau President Office    
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section  
Personnel Section  
Personnel Affairs Section  
Public Relations Office  
Planning Division Planning Section  
Information Planning Section  
Financial and Facilities Affairs Division Finance Planning Section  
Purchasing Section  
Financial Affairs Section  
Facilities Section  
Student Affairs Division Educational Affairs Section  
Admissions Section  
Student Affairs Section  
Career Support Office  
Educational Cooperation Office  
Academic Affairs and Information Division Research Cooperation Section  
Library Service Section  
University-Industry Cooperation Support Section  
  International Affairs Section  
Division of Technical Service Shizuoka Branch Research and Education Support Section  
Field Support Section  
Hamamatsu Branch Joint Research Support Section  
Information and Communication Technology Support Section  
Education Support Section  
Regional Contribution and Manufacturing Support Section  
Safety and Research Project Support Section  
Faculties Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Social and Human Studies    
Department of Language and Literature    
Department of Law    
Department of Economics    
Administrative Office    
Faculty of Education Training Course for School Teachers    
Lifelong Learning Education Course    
General Science Education Course    
Art and Culture Course    
Center for Educational Research and Teacher Development    
Affiliated Schools Kindergarten  
Shizuoka Elementary School  
Shizuoka Junior High School  
Hamamatsu Elementary School  
Hamamatsu Junior High School  
Shimada Junior High School  
School for Students with Special needs  
Administrative Office Adminisitrative office of Affiliated Schools  
Faculty of Informatics Department of Computer Science    
Department of Information Arts    
Administrative Office    
Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics    
Department of Physics    
Department of Chemistry    
Department of Biological Science    
Department of Geosciences    
Radioscience Research Laboratory    
Administrative Office    
Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering    
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering    
Department of Electronics and Materials Science    
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering    
Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering    
Center for Creative Engineers    
Administrative Office    
Faculty of Agriculture Department of Biological and Environmental Science    
Department of Applied Biological Chemistry    
Department of Environment and Forest Resources Science    
Center for Education and Research in Field Sciences Section of Sustainable Agriculture Fujieda Field
Section of Forest Ecology Tenryu Field
South-Alps Field
Section of Sea and Seacoast Ecology Mochimune Field
Administrative Office    
Graduate Schools Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
(Master's Courses)
Department of Clinical Human Sciences    
Department of Comparative Studies in Language and Culture    
Department of Economics    
Graduate School of Education
(Master's Courses)
(Doctor's Course)
(Professional Degree Course)
Department of School Education Research    
Cooperative Doctoral Course in Subject Development    
Division of Advanced Practice in School Education    
Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology
(Master's Courses)
Department of Informatics    
Department of Science    
Department of Engineering    
Department of Agriculture    
Graduate School of Medical Photonics
(Doctor's Course)
Cooperative Major in Medical Photonics    
Graduate School of Science and Technology Graduate School of Science and Technology, Educational Division
(Doctor's Course)
Department of Nanovision Technology  
Department of Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science   
Department of Information Science and Technology  
Department of Environment and Energy Systems  
Department of Bioscience  
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Research Division Research Section of Nanovision Science Section  
Research Section of Optoelectronic Science Section  
Research Section of Informatics Section  
Research Section of Nanomaterials Section  
Research Section of Energy System Section  
Research Section of Integrated Bioscience Section  
Research Section of Environmental Science Section  
Research Section of Basic Science Section  
Doctoral Course in the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
Gifu University
(Doctor's Course)
Department of Science of Biological Production    
Department of Science of Biological Environment    
Department of Science of Biological Resources    
Research Institute Research Institute of Electronics Nanovision Research Division    
Advanced Device Research Division    
Nanomaterials Research Division    
Biomedical Photonics Research Division    
Center for Nanodevice Fabrication and Analysis    
Administrative Office    
Research Institute of Green Science and Technology Green Energy Research Division    
Green Biology Research Division    
Green Chemistry Research Division    
Instrumental Research Support Office    
Institute for Joint Research and Education Education Development Center      
Student Support Center      
Center for Research and Development in Admissions      
Center for Information Infrastructure      
Center for Integrated Research and Education of Natural Hazards      
Hamamatsu Campus Center for Instrumental Analysis      
Center for professional Development of Teachers      
Center for Community Legal Advice and Support Services      
Education Center for Regional Development      
Joint Research Facilities Psychological Service Center      
Campus Museum      
Takayanagi Memorial Hall      
  Center for Safety and Hygiene      
Office for Promotion of Gender Equqlity      
University Library Hamamatsu Branch Library    
Health Care Center Health Care Center Shizuoka    
Health Care Center Hamamatsu
Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration      
Organization for Information Infrastructure      
Organization for Educational Development      

Organization for International Collaboration

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