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Shizuoka University: Instructors and Staff Members Credo

Education and Research Council (November 26, 2008)
Executives Board (November 28, 2008) Approved

The goal of Shizuoka University is the creation of a peaceful and joyful future based on the principle of Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future.
The instructors and staff members of Shizuoka University shall strive for the fulfillment of this common goal; maintain an awareness of their professional obligations; spare no effort to fulfill those obligations through cooperative action and a division of responsibilities; cooperate with all who are associated with Shizuoka University while respecting the diversity of backgrounds and values; engage in education, research, social cooperation, and the operation of the university with energy and passion; and work for the advancement of Shizuoka University and the local community.

  1. Based on the philosophy of Freedom and Enlightenment & Creation of the Future, instructors, staff members and students shall strive to create a shared climate of mutual trust and scholarship in which each participant serves to enlighten others.
  2. While inheriting humanity’s accumulated knowledge and culture, instructors and staff shall cultivate their students as educated individuals, equipped with an international outlook, highly specialized knowledge and abundant humanity.
  3. Instructors and staff members shall respect academic freedom, engage in a passionate pursuit of fundamental, innovative research that will enrich the future of humanity and the Earth, and strive to produce research results that will contribute to the advancement of their respective fields.
  4. Instructors and staff members shall learn from the university’s natural and cultural environment, engage with the various problems facing society, and respond in a wide variety of ways to earn the trust and meet the expectations of the local community and society as a whole through active dissemination of culture and information.
  5. Instructors and staff members shall maintain high ethical standards and strive to maximize their specialist capacities through diligent study.
  6. Instructors and staff members shall respond flexibly to social changes and engage in the operations of the university with a commitment to innovation and cooperative action.
  7. Instructors and staff members shall act with resolution to create a peaceful and joyful future.
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