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Policies for the Cooperation with Industry, Academia, and Government

Passed by the Executive Council on December 17, 2003

Next to education and academic research, contributing to society is the third mission of the University. The following statement of commitment was formulated by Shizuoka University to bring this third mission to fruition.

  1. The University proactively works to return to society the results of the knowledge generated at the University and contributes to the welfare and advancement of mankind.
  2. By proactively returning to business and industry the results of generated knowledge, the University works to raise the social added value of education and research at the University.
  3. The University promotes cooperation among industry, academia, and government, and establishes organizations to maintain these activities.
  4. The cooperation among industry, academia, and government forms an essential activity for returning the results of knowledge to society, in which the University proactively engages.
  5. The University conducts highly transparent cooperative activities of industry, academia, and government and meets its accountability requirements.
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