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Information Security Statement

Enacted March 16, 2005

Shizuoka University engages in education and research based on the following three principles.

  1. Shizuoka University shares in the responsibility for the future of Earth, has a distinctly international orientation, and is committed to producing educated graduates who are specialists in their fields.
  2. In the light of the volatile conditions that are facing modern society, Shizuoka University aspires to sciences that help support the foundation of world peace and human welfare, and to this end engages in creative academic research.
  3. Shizuoka University is a companion to the local community committed to earnestly help with the various problems facing the region and fulfills its function as a disseminator of knowledge and information in the fields of culture and science.

We will strictly observe information security, help realize the ideals of the University, and work to make the most of the results of our education and research activities. To this end we make the following four promises:

  • We will use information technology and facilities properly and exercise common sense.
  • We will protect information from unauthorized access and promote education and research activities.
  • We will protect personal information and ensure a safe and secure campus life.
  • We will respect the information security of others and not cause harm under any circumstances.
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