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Teaching Staff Code of Conduct

April 1, 2007

In line with its social mission and the public nature of its activities, National University Corporation Shizuoka University (hereinafter, Shizuka University) has an obligation to operate in a sound and fair manner based on high ethical principles and strict observation of all applicable statutes.
To fulfill this obligation, each and every one our teaching staff must maintain a lofty ethical viewpoint, pursuing their duties with integrity.
We therefore set forth this Teaching Staff Code of Conduct, to be followed by our teaching staff at all times.

  1. Each and every one of our teaching staff shall respect the individual personalities and rights of others, and shall not discriminate, place at a disadvantage, or harass any person on the basis of characteristics including, but not limited to, gender, age, race, nationality, marital status, religion, political beliefs, social status, family origin, physical handicaps, sexual orientation.
  2. Teaching staff shall respect the individual rights of students.
  3. Teaching staff shall act in a sound and appropriate manner, adhering to all applicable statutes and school rules.
  4. Teaching staff shall maintain an awareness of Shizuoka University's social mission and strive to do nothing that would impair the University's reputation and standing.
  5. Teaching staff shall strive to maintain safety and realize a healthy environment for scholarship and research.
  6. Teaching staff shall respect the privacy of everyone associated with the University, and strive to handle the personal information of others in an appropriate manner with the greatest care.
  7. Teaching staff shall make efforts to reach out to and work together with the local community, and shall fulfill their responsibilities as members of the local community by fostering positive community relationships.
  8. Teaching staff shall manage the assets of the University and external funds in an appropriate and efficient manner for appropriate purposes only.
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