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Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration

Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration

The Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration is directed to play an important role in developing the local community and the university by establishing strategies of collaboration between industry and the university, as well as community-based cooperation, which should have the results of the enhancement of education, and contributions of research that give back to society, further promoting social collaboration. This organization consists of the Division of Business-Academia Collaboration, Division of Regional Collaboration and Lifelong Learning, the Office of Intellectual property and the Office of Consultation for Social collaboration.
Our mission is;


  1. 1.Strategically developing technologies to result in successful applications;


  1. 2.Promoting collaborations between industry, government, and the university based on analyses on research potential and needs;
  1. 3.Promoting social collaborative activities to solve problems in the local community;


  1. 4.Securing and developing human resources, establishing systems in the organization, and organization recognition enhancement. 


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