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Joint Research Facilities

Psychological Service Center

The Center was established in May 2000 to serve regional society by providing mental health-related consultations to the local community, and to contribute to the cultivation of highly trained clinical psychology specialists.

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  • ・ Home
  • ・ For those seeking consultation
  • ・ Access
  • ・ Lectures, symposia, research society
  • ・ Staff and more


Campus Museum

The Museum was established in July 1999 to curate and preserve Shizuoka University's research-related materials, and to promote their use.

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  • ・ Collection list
  • ・ Founding purpose and history
  • ・ Exhibits
  • ・ Newsletter
  • ・ Access map
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Takayanagi Memorial Hall

Takayanagi Memorial Hall was established in September 1961 and refurbished and reopened in November 2007. The Hall commemorates the momentous achievement of Kenjiro Takayanagi, the "father of television," in building the world's first all-electronic television receiver in Hamamatsu in 1927 . In addition to its original mission, the Museum strives to enhance society's interest in science and technology by hosting lectures, social gatherings, special exhibitions, events and more, as well as tours for local residents and primary and secondary school students.

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  • ・ Introduction to the facility
  • ・ Exhibit guide
  • ・ Event schedule
  • ・ Kenjiro Takayanagi archives and more

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