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Faculty of Agriculture

About the Faculty of Agriculture

「相分離ブレンドを利用した新規木材用接着剤の開発」山田雅章 教授 農学部環境森林科学科長 - 静岡大学

Comprehensive education in food production and the environment

Shizuoka Prefecture is rich in agricultural, forestry and fisheries resources, and boasts one of Japan's highest concentrations of food, chemical and biotechnology-related companies, and the Faculty actively engages in fieldwork and research activities relating to the region. The study of agricultural science is founded in biology and draws on such fields as chemistry, physics, economics and sociology for its methods. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects, including bioproduction technology; environmental, food, and resource problems: and international cooperation. However, the principal focus is food and the environment, the two great themes of importance for humanity.

Department of Biological and Environmental Science

Students will engage in research and development in biotechnology for plant production, carrying out research from the level of cells up to organisms, and will acquire a broad range of knowledge, not only in the field of agriculture but in chemistry, food products, and the environment.

Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

Students will explore the diverse control mechanisms of living organisms at the level of genes, molecules and cells. We will undertake to develop new functions for living organisms using biotechnology, and to develop and produce useful substances.

Department of Environment and Forest Resources Science

Students will carry out research from a variety of angles, with attention to the many functions fulfilled by forests, and will gain opportunities for employment in a variety of fields, including the construction industry, manufacturing, and environmental consulting.

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