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Graduate School of Engineering

About the Graduate School of Engineering

University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia(マレーシア) × 静岡大学 下村・村上研究室 海外研究室交流プログラム(SSSV)成果報告会 - 静岡大学

Aiming for abundant human prosperity

The Graduate School's basic philosophy is to work for the abundant prosperity of humanity through the coexistence of nature, science, and technology. The School develops high-level researchers and scientific technicians with cutting-edge expertise. Shizuoka Prefecture is home to numerous venture companies and highly innovative enterprises, and the School is leveraging that environment to engage in a range of research that brings together industry and the university.

Departments Mechanical EngineeringElectrical and Electronic EngineeringElectronics and Materials ScienceApplied Chemistry and Biochemical EngineeringMathematical and Systems EngineeringManagement of Business Development

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  • The following additional information is available.
  • ・ Mechanical Engineering
  • ・ Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • ・ Electronics and Materials Science
  • ・ Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering
  • ・ Mathematical and Systems Engineering
  • ・ Management of Business Development

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